Join the First Tee-Indiana Putting Challenge!

How to play


With the arrival of winter we want to get everyone into a great indoor practice mode.  What is the Putting Challenge?  

  • 10 Putts from 4 feet
  • 10 Putts from 8 feet
  • 10 Putts from 12 feet

You will record how many you make out of 10 from each distance.  Go to the link below to enter your results.  You are allowed to do it once per day.  Make the putts count.  A perfect score will be hard to accomplish.  

Every week starting in January we will tally up the weekly best performers and add them to the First Tee - Indiana website.  

You can do this in your home or at the golf course.  If you have a putting mat, great.  If you have just carpet, great.  We have over 3000 First Tee - Indiana Participants state wide so we should be able to accomplish our goal if everyone does it just one time!  Here is a video with a sample of how you can set this up at home.

Putting Challenge Video

Our Indianapolis and Michiana locations have been the most active during the challenge.  Get started again this January and report your scores here:  Report Putting Challenge Score

Results from March

Location Breakdown:     Individual Results          
Leaders #of Attempts # of Game Changers Age Group Boy/Girl Name Location Total Attempts Best Score
Bedford     7-9 Boy     0  
Bloomington       Girl        
East Central     10-13 Boy Dane B Indianapolis 5 25
Evansville         Blayze C Indianapolis 5 28
Fort Wayne       Girl        
Greater Lafayette     14 & Over Boy Devin O SouthCentral 2 17
Greater Indianapolis 14 12     Trejan M SouthCentral 2 16
        Girl Alivia C Indianapolis 4 26
Michiana         Demi B Indianapolis 1 26
Orange County     Adults Male Chris T SouthCentral 1 14
Peru       Female        
SouthCentral 14 12            
Terre Haute                

2021 Wrap Up

We are proud of all those who participated in the year-long Putting Challenge.  Here are some of the highlights:
  • 734 attempts @ 30 putts per attempt for a total of 22,020 total putts attempted
  • 7842 Total Putts were made for a make percentage of 35.6%
  • 3799 Total # of 4 foot putts were made out of 7340 attempts or 51.7% made
  • 2445 Total # of 8 foot putts were made out of 7340 attempts or 33.3% made
  • 1608 Total # of 12 foot putts were made out of 7340 attempts or 21.9% made
  • Esther Etherington lead all participants with a total of 37 attempts
  • First Tee-Indiana in Michiana had the most participant try at 106 out of 193 total participants
Want to thank everyone for supporting this year long activity.  I hope to continue it in the future with a goal of getting to 300 participants make 1500 attempts.  
We can get that done!