Join the First Tee-Indiana Putting Challenge!

How to play


With the arrival of fall and the golf season winding down a little we want to get everyone into a great practice mode for winter.  Back in January of this year we started a First Tee - Indiana Statewide Putting Challenge.  We would like to get that re-energized and going strong until the end of 2021.  What is the Putting Challenge?  
  • 10 Putts from 4 feet
  • 10 Putts from 8 feet
  • 10 Putts from 12 feet.  
You will record how many you make out of 10 from each distance.  Go to the link below to enter your results.  You are allowed to do it once per day.  Make the putts count.  A perfect score will be hard to accomplish.  It’s only happened one time in 726 attempts. Every week starting November 1st we will tally up the weekly best performers and add them to the First Tee - Indiana website.   To give you an update on where we currently stand, we are at 726 attempts for a total of 21,780 putts.  We have made a total of 7,758 of those attempts for a percentage of 35.6%.  Maybe by the end of the year we could get to 1,200 attempts? You can do this in your home or at the golf course.  If you have a putting mat, great.  If you have just carpet, great.  We have over 3000 First Tee - Indiana Participants state wide so we should be able to accomplish our goal if everyone does it just one time!  Here is a video with a sample of how you can set this up at home. Putting Challenge Video Our Indianapolis and Michiana locations have been the most active during the challenge.  Individually Esther Etherington from Richmond and Blayze Chapman from Indianapolis have the most attempts at 36 for Esther and 26 for Blayze. Let’s look to set some new records this November and December!  Get started again November 1st and report your scores here: Report Putting Challenge Score

Through May 11th

Virtual Academy Putting Challenge

Boys Division Makes Girls Division Makes
Indoor Overall Aiden C 26
Outdoor Overall Blayze C 22 Zoe F 15
Boys Division Girls Division
4 Footers Aiden C 10 Zoe F 6
Jeremiah A 7
Outside Boys Division Girls Division
Blayze C 10 Zoe F 6
Trevian U 7 Mya T 5
Louis P 7
Boys Division Girls Division
8 Footers Blayze C 7 Zoe F 6
Anthony W 5 Mya T 5
Charlie C 5 Nadya F 5
Trevian U 5
Boys Division Girls Division
12 Footers Aiden C 7 Zoe F 3
Trevian U 6 Valerie W 3
Blayze 6
Boys Division Girls Division
Attempts Attempts
Most Attempts Blayze C 5 Jordan W 5
Jeremiah A 5 Zoe F 5
Tarryn C 5



Results by Location

Location Leaders Boys Division # Made Girls Division # Made Total Weekly Attempts at Each Location Number of Participants Each Location
Bedford n/a
Bloomington n/a n/a 1
Columbus n/a 2
East Central
Fort Wayne
Franklin n/a Harper B 2 1 4
Greater Lafayette n/a n/a 3
Greater Indianapolis Blayze 18 Demi B 7 7 64
Michiana Aiden C 16 Zoe F 15 82 37
Northwest n/a n/a 3
Orange County
Richmond n/a n/a 2
SouthCentral n/a 1
Terre Haute