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How to Get Your Specialty License Plate

New Indiana Golf License Plate Available Today 

  In an effort to sell more specialty license plates that we are hopeful will ultimately resonate more with the Indiana Golf community, the Indiana Golf Foundation has decided to change our license plate logo from the First Tee logo to our Indiana Golf logo. This decision comes from many internal conversations and ultimately reviewing survey results on what logo is desired from those with and without our current plate. As we have increased the usage of the Indiana Golf logo, it has become part of our overall brand and something we feel will drive even more plate sales to support First Tee.  

  When the new Indiana Golf logo takes effect today July 1, nothing is changing on what the money is supporting. We will still be advertising that all plate sales go directly to First Tee-Indiana. Check out our FAQ’s below.   


Can I keep the First Tee plate?: Technically yes, plates are in 7 year cycles. Whether you renew online or at the BMV, you could renew and just get the sticker sent with your registration without asking to change the physical plate. Once you are due for a new physical plate, they will be distributing the Indiana Golf logo,  because plates with First Tee logo will no longer be made after July 1. 

Will I automatically get the new plate?: You will automatically get the new plate design if you are due to receive a new plate when you renew. Plates are on a 7 year cycle. You can change your plate type at any time to receive the new design in the branch after July 1, for a fee of $9.50.  If you are not changing your expiration date, you will not have to pay the organization fee again. 

Can I renew online and get the new plate?: If you are due to renew and due to receive a new plate (every 7 years) you will automatically be issued the new design, if you are not due to receive a plate you can visit a branch to renew and request a new plate at that time. There is no additional fee for this.  

What logo will I receive if purchasing a plate for the first time?: Starting July 1, the Indiana Golf logo.